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Single, Dating, and Meeting People in Dallas, Fort Worth

A couple of good ways to meet single people in the Dallas area is to make friends at work, join a interest-related club (biking, computer, photography, etc.), join a health club, and/or to become active at a local church. A lot of the local churches have singles groups that usually meet at least once a week.

As far as the online match-making websites, be very wary of them -- probably about 80% of their members (with online profiles) aren't giving you the real story -- in other words, they might be more trouble than they are worth!

There are a number of dating services in the Metroplex area. These services will try to find you a compatible mate for dating. They will ask have you to come into their office, fill out a profile, and take a picture.

However, if you decide to visit one, be prepared for a very high-pressured sales pitch and be prepared to spend $800 to $1,200 for their service! Also, whatever price they "set" on their service is usually negotiable! I'm not sure these local dating companies can deliver on their promises.

The main thing to "keep in mind" is to get out and be active! Join a good church, health club, or interest club!! We've posted some good links in the Metroplex Daily: Single Living section.

Make sure to check the other Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Guides that are online.

Did we miss a good singles tip or dating site? Submit it!

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